1.5 years ago… (Dec11/15)

What was I doing on a pretty summer day, 1.5 years ago ??

Reining2014-36Shooting reining horses… Boy, that comes as a big surprise 😉

What I did *not* remember, though, was shooting the D7000 at that time ?? Hmm, probably a loaner from a friend. I remember liking the camera so much I tried to buy it from the owner, who didn’t use it but… wouldn’t part with it (sounds like anybody you know ? Lol). I then went ahead and purchased a D7100, found out I like the D7000 better, and bought another one. The dynamic range on this camera was *sweeeet*. My new D7200 is coming in today, I guess you’d better stay tuned !

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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