You be the judge (Dec 12/15)

LoweproAW35L-01Dim indoor lighting. Auto WB, 1/80 @F2 *ISO6400*

My new Nikon D7200 came in today. Actually my *second* D7200 unit. I had sent one back earlier this week as the Nikon docs were not included and the shutter count was too high for my liking, 1752 is a bit on the high side for an Amazon warehouse deal. So #2 came in and guess what, it had *zero* shutter actuations on it… Yes, you read that right, ZERO. What gives ? Someone ordered this sophisticated camera, took the time to apply (albeit very sloppily) a film on the rear screen, filled out the serial N° on the back of the user’s manual (those come without a warranty card it seems) and… put it right back in the box an returned it without firing a single shot ? I’ll be damned….

MarlaDec15-02TTL flash. I usually ALWAYS shoot manual flash, but when auto is that good, why bother (ISO400). The first capture shows my new, ROOMY Lowepro bag. It won’t go anywhere unnoticed, but I think ISO6400 in bad light is just unreal ? What do YOU think ?

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4 Responses to You be the judge (Dec 12/15)

  1. I think I have that camera bag too. In grey 😊

  2. marla2008 says:

    Well that’s pretty funny because the slate was my first (reasonable) choice, but the orange was half the price 😉 Now I’m glad I got it, it sure doesn’t go unnoticed !

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