Learning full speed (Dec 15/15)

Brinon13Dec15-160PMSo I put my new D7200 to the test last sunday

Considering the weather, a thick, heavy and sticky fog that didn’t lift all day, I really should have thrown the towel, and switched back to the D750. The FF sensor would have helped a little piercing through the heavy natural grey “filter” that the fog created. But it never crossed my mind, busy as I was with learning at top speed how to properly shoot competitive jumping

Brinon13Dec15-164PMThe original files were dreadful, the retouching task, humongous

Brinon13Dec15-137PMAnd to really spice it up a bit, I accidentally deleted ALL my shots (along with all my original files since I started shooting professionally) from my working disk. Took me half a day to be able to recover them from my formated SD cards, but the older files are gone for good…

Brinon13Dec15-148PMBut the most precious teaching of the week end was certainly how to assess location and chose optimum shooting angles on a jumping pattern. That was priceless

Brinon13Dec15-142NBpmI can’t help making portraits. I just can’t

Brinon13Dec15-77PMThe fog can be used to make some very moody images, but overall it’s a true, genuine, bad, pain in the arse

Brinon13Dec15-138PMThank God I’m loving making shooting horses and their people more than ever. And I can now effciently use a monopod. And I know I need serious back-up procedures. And I’m good at intuitively chosing the best spot to cover a maximum of jumps. And you don’t sell much images if you can’t print on site. And, and, and… the list is endless

Brinon13Dec15-145PMI’m thankful I get to try this photographic career. I have no idea where it will lead, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey…


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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5 Responses to Learning full speed (Dec 15/15)

  1. janesheers says:

    Hi Claire. I’m really enjoying your new career. Your images are gorgeous so keep going. I feel the pain with loosing images as I did the same with some of my best images when I was in Varanssi. Thank goodness I had kept some jpegs on my favourite ones. Keep the good stuff coming.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thank you, thank you ! It’s a fun ride, scary at times because the market doesn’t seem all that lively, but at least I can’t say I’m not trying. And should I fail making it as a pro, I would sure have become a darn proficient amateur 😉

  2. Hi Claire, I’m really enjoying your images. I like the mix of action shots and portraits. I’m sure this will go well for you as its been such a great love to photograph people and horses over the years. Susan.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thank you Susan !! I’m also loving getting my readership back after neglecting the blog for over a year. Thanks for your renewed trust, and I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

  3. laurent says:

    Some great shots in the fog. The pic of the young lady with a pink helmet is great!

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