When you feel down, pick the camera up (Dec 27/15)

Champfleury27Dec15-01PMIs it a little too much (too good) food ? The shortest days of the year ? Some female hormones at work ? Who knows, the thing is, I feel like shit.

Champfleury27Dec15-02PMThe other thing is : the weather is insane, if it weren’t for the naked trees, it would really feel like spring

Champfleury27Dec15-08My husband, always a source of widsom, encouraged me to get off my chair and go out for a breather. So I took both dogs, and the D750 along…

Champfleury27Dec15-05Once deeper in our woods, there was no mistake. It’s very sunny and outrageously warm, but it’s winter, alright

Champfleury27Dec15-06PMGoogle has always loved to be perched up, on anything she’ll do fine, and she’s pretty agile at it

Champfleury27Dec15-11PMOur cabin…

+++Champfleury27Dec15-03PM… Marla’s cabin πŸ˜‰

Champfleury27Dec15-04PMMiddle afternoon daylight is quite contrasty, and without real time live exposure preview, judging exposure is a little hit and miss with the D750, but overall I managed to get it mostly right

Champfleury27Dec15-14PMGoogle the Beagle (cross, but *very* Beagly)

Champfleury27Dec15-10PMA lot of dynamic range is needed to handle this kind of shot in jpeg

Champfleury27Dec15-09PMOr this one

Champfleury27Dec15-12PMGoogle must have found some dead, rotting bird (or mouse) and blissfully rolled in it, what a stinker, lol

Champfleury27Dec15-15PMThrow a ball and watch them go nuts !

Overall a walk in a nice place, on a nice day, with a good camera, will go a long way to cure a bored soul…



About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to When you feel down, pick the camera up (Dec 27/15)

  1. janesheers says:

    Nothing like a bit of shutter therapy for the soul. Very nice location too. I suppose all of these were taken without even going out of your stunning property.

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