Pondering (Dec 29/15)

Joli01Nov15-12My horse, Joli. Been with me since July 2014, and I’m pondering letting him go to another, loving home. It’s not an easy decision, he’s a great guy, and we have a good relationship. But I love reining and he doesn’t, and it doesn’t seem quite right that neither of us is fully satisfied with this situation. His fate should be sealed soon. Stay tuned…


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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5 Responses to Pondering (Dec 29/15)

  1. janesheers says:

    That must be a really difficult decision to make in so many ways.

    • marla2008 says:

      Yes Jane, it is. The very simple thing is, when I purchased Joli I had no specific goals in my riding. Over time I developped further goals, and now Joli is not quite up to the task (plus he truly doesn’t enjoy it). We have a wonderful relationship on the ground, but we are both a bit frustrated in our riding. Not massively, but enough that it spoils the fun for both of us. A good opportunity arised to rehome him with someone who would offer activities he enjoys way more, namely trail riding. Upon thinking about it long and hard I decided that I would let him go. Expect some tears on D day, though….

      • janesheers says:

        I know nothing about horses but I can image an unhappy horse is not nice place for a horse. Hopefully you will find someone who love him heaps and he loves doing what his new owner asks of him.

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