The astounding camera (Dec 31/15)

BeauvalDec2015-08PMThe Nikon D7200, which I purchased as a “back-up” camera to my D750, is proving to have astounding performance…

BeauvalDec2015-03PMDon’t get me wrong, I’m blown by the D750 in every way, but I find the D7200 to be slightly more tolerant of the user’s possible small mistakes than its FF counterpart

BeauvalDec2015-05PMExposure, for instance, seems easier to achieve with the D7200, which is not consistant with the smaller sensor and lesser DR vs the D750’s

BeauvalDec2015-10AF performance looks on par to me, and AF points are better spread over the frame for an easier selection of your area of focus

BeauvalDec2015-04PMThe 24mp offer detail galore, and potential sharpness is excellent (in you’re a JPEG shooter don’t hesitate to boost it to 5 or 6 in your Picture Style settings)

BeauvalDec2015-09PMThe x1.5 crop of the APS-C sensor will definitely appeal to anyone using longer focal lengths, as it naturally offers extra (perceived, not real) “reach”. As a sports shooter, for outdoor events it’s actually the better choice of the two, with no loss in IQ, beyond deeper depth of field

BeauvalDec2015-07PMA major improvement Nikon seems to have made recently is Auto WB


BeauvalDec2015-01PMSigma EX 70-200 F:2.8 HSM Macro II used for all shots

BeauvalDec2015-11PMAnd this, folks, was the last Itsnotthecamera post of the year. Stay tuned in 2016 !!

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