Belated Christmas gift (Jan03/15)

Warning : all pictures in the post are the work of French Western riding photographer Greg Niro.

With Joli’s departure scheduled for the 9th, I’ve been looking for potential new mounts. The breeders at the great place I board him with offered me to ride their lovely 2 yr old Quarter Horse mare, “Top”, who really earns her name, she’s fantastic for such a baby horse. And I did find some interesting prospects on my own

BigChexMan-03Each time I visit with JoliI stopped at this guy’s stall, and just stare with a gaping mouth, because he’s so achingly pretty (photography : Greg Niro)


Meet Big Chex Man, 3.5 yr old Quarter Horse gelding (photography : Greg Niro)

BigChexMan-02Icing on the cake, Big Chex has been professionally started under saddle and trained in a fancy stable, so he has solid reining foundations . I’m even told he’s a big stopper ! (photography : Greg Niro)

Big Chex Man being for sale, I inquired about him. I can’t consider purchasing due to its (totally justified) price at this point, but his breeders are allowing me to ride and train him for free as much as I want until he sells !! It’s like being handed the keys to a sportscar and told “go have fun with it” !! I’m blissful. Wanna find out more about how we get along ? Stay tuned !


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