Shooting a working equitation workshop (March 18/16)

12Mars2016-10PMLast week I got to shoot a spanish/portugese working equitation workshop

12Mars2016-64PMThose events are heavily classical dressage based, with a touch of obstacle handling, and some livestock sorting. Great looking horses, for the most part

12Mars2016-44PMI’m very familiar with the beautiful equine facility that took place in. The covered arena is just enormous, and the light is fantastic… if you can handle it ! A lot of crazy backlighting and white light pooling among shadows, not for the faint of heart

12Mars2016-67PMOr anyone lazy or relying on the camera’s metering. Forget that, unless you’re shooting mirrorless and have real time live exposure simulation. Using the Nikon D750, I didn’t, so Manual mode it was…


12Mars2016-59PMSituation like this, for example. You can’t have best of both worlds, even with a full frame sensor, the camera’s dynamic range is well exceeded by the scene. Just expose for your subject, and live with blown backgrounds. And don’t even mention RAW, I kept more than 2000 images for this event. Sorting out jpeg files was enough of a nightmare 😉

12Mars2016-32PMMost horses were spectacular, and with sharp looking riders, to boot

12Mars2016-39PMYoung stud was acting up, so the instructor hopped on, and he behaved

12Mars2016-78PMHorses were either purebred Spanish or Portugese breed, or Lippizaners


CDU_0090PMAnd the greatest fun for everyone was sorting out cattle !

12Mars2016-11PMI got a crush on a few of those horses




12Mars2016-79PMAnd this light is…. delighftul, once you handle it properly


12Mars2016-83PMSome traditional outfits added a nice touch


12Mars2016-30PMHorses had a blast with the cows



12Mars2016-48PMIcing on the cake, I sold a boatload of pictures !

CDU_0174PMThe cattle pics sold like crazy, despite the busier backgrounds and wonkier exposures

12Mars2016-80PMAll in all a great experience, and an audience that loves pictures and will buy

12Mars2016-20PMAbsolutely to do again !

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Shooting a working equitation workshop (March 18/16)

  1. Can you let me know what lens you were using? Fantastic subject isolation that I am struggling to get.

  2. marla2008 says:

    It is the Sigma EX 70-200/2.8 HSM Macro II, which I am offering for sale now, if you’re located in Europe or the UK we may have a deal 😉

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