Google the Beagle (cross)

What if you left your house roughly a year ago intending to grab a pack of beer, but never came back, and suddenly feel like coming home ? Are you gonna get there and try to apologize and rationalize and explain, or would you rather walk through the door, go sit in your armchair and ask what’s for dinner ?

Those of you who used to follow this blog will see the analogy. Others will just look at the pictures, and probably though it’s a cute dog, with a rather pleasant, creamy bokeh…

googlemar17-01Yeah, it is noisy as hell, but please bear in mind this was shot in a very dark hallway at night, barely lit by a super weak durable bulb (you know, the ones we buy to save the planet and that take about 5 minutes to come to life), with a 6 yr old camera (at least), the ancient but nonetheless venerable NEX6. It’s shot around 1.5 on an 1.3 aperture 75mm (manual) lens, and in all honesty, considering the odds, I feel it’s pretty darn decent. Regarding the dog, meet Google, our Beagle cross girl. She turned 5 last december and I really can’t believe how fast time has passed since we went to fetch her in a rescue, in grief and a slight panic, after our adorable and unique miniature Spaniel got run by a car (to add insult, to injury, very likely ours -the car- ).

CannelleDec13-27I loved this midget of a dog profoundly, and so did our daughter. My husband didn’t care for her more than that, but suspecting he killed her by accident, he still cried on and off for a full week after the tragedy.

CannelleSept13-10So when we found her lifeless tiny crushed body, grief took us all by the gut, and wouldn’t let go its iron and twisting fist. We’d roam our beachhouse (it happened during a holiday, on a hateful beach I have detested going back to since) like ghosts, torn by loss and guilt (we did, after all, totally **forgot** we’d taken her along that day, and left the beach parking lot without checking she was in the car, very likely hitting her in the process). When our then 5 yr old daughter wouldn’t stop crying for 48hrs, and I wasn’t much better at all, I told my husband the obvious truth “we should run to a shelter and get another dog”. Bless the Internet. These days deciding which dog you’re going to grant the priviledge of being adopted is easy as shopping for a spouse on the web. I connected to the local shelter’s website, checked the available animals, and made a brief shortlist. A sly looking rough-coated Beagle mix named Google was on it.

GoogleAvr14-08And so we went, considered various options, and came back to our suburban home with “Google the Beagle”. As you can see, her first important mission was to mend our hearts as well as hers (she had, after all, been dumped at the shelter at the tender age of 2), and she did so fiercely and with much success.

GoogleSept14-03Google is my husband’s dog, first and foremost. She loves us all and will sneak into our laps on the sofa and give the best dog cuddles in the world, but Olivier is her favorite human (can’t blame her for that, that’s a proof of a fine taste).

Marla29Jul15-02Although Marla comes a close second

In August 2015 when we got our larger property in the Center (of France), I wished to add another canine to the family, some sort of “guard” dog, to keep Google company and help survey the place. We ended up coming back from the shelter with the sweetest dog that ever lived, who absolutely wouldn’t hurt a human even if they went at her with a chainsaw but having some pitbull ancestors down the line she is at least decently impressive to folks strolling by.

JuanaDec12-02PMBoth girls are spayed and absolutely adore each other. Juana bullies Google around, and Google annoys the hell of of Juju as soon as she gets a chance, there is a lot of teeth display and rough playing and dragging one another on the floor, but truth be told they are the world’s best buddies.

JuanaAug15-14And so very happily live two rescue bitches in our home. If Olivier (my amazing husband) would let me, we’d have a rescue operation on our own in this house, as not a week passes by that I don’t see a dog worth saving. But in his great wisdom he has kept the headcount down to two…

Boucs23Feb16-07PM… or so (that’s another story, for another day)

googlemar17-02So here was our Google’s story. We hope she lives a long life as she’s a wonderful naughty child, incorrigible runaway, obsessive barker, hard headed Bretonne, but she also has the sweetest heart, the most irresistible personality, not the mention the softest ears of any dog, ever ❤

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2 Responses to Google the Beagle (cross)

  1. Lyon says:

    Good to see a new post and sorry for your previous loss. I hope to see more pics in the future. Take care

  2. laurent says:

    Great to see you back!!!! Hope to see more posts in the near future!!!

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