A long, WET winter (Feb 23/16)

Boucs23Feb16-07PMMea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I apologize, I have been horrible at (not) maintening the blog properly since Christmas. It’s being (not been, alas, we’re still enduring it) a long, warm, drab and WET winter. Our whole property is literally soaked in water. So obviously not the best circumstances for shutter therapy…


However, here are a few images of our new backyard maintenance team : 4 young neutered male goats (how do you call those anyway, bucks ?)/ Domino, Sven, Blacky and Chocolat


The youngest are about 6 months old and fully weaned, so now they can binge on the 3000 square meters of unmanageable shrubs that grow in one part of our property

Boucs23Feb16-08PMThey either stick all together, or go by pairs, the two dark ones, or as here, the two light ones. Goats are highly photogenic models, so get ready to see a bunch of goat images soon 😉

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That special moment (Feb 10/16)


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New colt, new project

Joli03Nov15-01PMAs the most faithful of view might remember, my young Portugese cross, Joli, has been sold to a new home. He’s doing fantastic, entered a Western competition only 4 weeks after his rehoming, and placed 3rd of out 12, against teams who’d been training for this event since September ! Obviously, I’m VERY proud of him, and thrilled for his new owner… But then, I was horseless !

Chex26Jan16Not quite… some friends quite generously offered me full access to one of their young horses, a wonderful 3.5 yr old Quarter Horse gelding, Chex Big Man, whom I had a blast riding for a while. I was still looking for my own training project, though…

Smoky23Jan16-06So I traveled ten hours to go check a colt way out West, agreed to buy him… until the seller pulled the rug under my feet by changing heart and refusing to sell !! When that kind of stuff happens, one’s first reaction is to get really mad, and/or have a pity party and hate the world. But deepdown I knew there must be a reason for this colt eluding me. And indeed… I just found MUCH better, shortly after :

Dandy06Fev15-04PMMeet Dandy Lena Boon

Dandy06Fev15-02PM21 month old Paint Horse, with great conformation, a solid reining bloodline…

Dandy06Fev15-01PM(something left of) a flashy blond mane

Dandy06Fev15-05PMA great looking rear end

Dandy06Fev15-06PMand a gorgeous head ! He really makes the other colt looks sorry 😉

Dandy06Fev15-03PMThis young man is halter broke, aside from that he’s as green as they come. Raised on the pasture with another stud colt of similar age. Will be home by Feb 28th… Stay tuned !

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9 days lapse (Jan 25/16)

ClinicFonck16-10PMI know, I’m bad.

I do have an excuse though, I’ve been shooting a reining clinic the previous week-end, which kept me crazy with processing and sales the following week, then last saturday I drove crosscountry to check on a Quarter Horse foal I consider for purchase (ten hour drive. Not impressive for Americans or Aussies, but quite a feat for a humble Frenchwoman…). Wanna know how it went ? Stay tuned 😉

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Snowy river (Jan 16/16)

HiverBerry-03PMYou probably can’t see it well, but there is a small stream running alongside our anciens trees…

HiverBerry-05PMToday the property put its winter coat on

HiverBerry-04PMTruth be told, I *hate* snow, but does look good in picture

HiverBerry-06PMIt’s funny to see the house like this, after shooting it so extensively under a fiery sun during the summer

HiverBerry-02PMSee that little chair ? That’s our “wisdom spot”, where we like to medidate a bit alone, at times (and where my husband smokes his ritual after-dinner-cigarette)

HiverBerry-07PMOne of my favorite parts of the place. The fence on the right is the soon-to-be goat enclosure (we’re getting a bunch of goats to eat up all the out-of-control thorny mess the previous owner left behind, about 2000m2 of it !). For those wondering I didn’t get the Nikon big boys out for this post, I just took the NEX6 with kit zoom and fired away !

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Oops, just went 10 days without a post (Jan 15/16)

HiverBerry-01PMYup, looks a bit like Canada in my yard right now

AutomneBerry-06PMWell, in the fall, it looks a bit like Canada too, doesn’t it ? Stay tune for proper snow pictures !

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Feeling little (Jan 05/16)


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