Bio: Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.

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  1. King T says:

    I totally, absolutely adore your stories!
    Picked up your blog from sonyalpharumors by accident and have been having a blast reading your experiences with camera stuff and people ever since.
    I hope you get to solve your latest dilemma somehow because the choices are tough – you want the image quality as well as enough shutter speed and focusing ability without carrying a ton of bricks with you all the time.
    Will watch this space with interest.
    Have fun!

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks for stopping by ! Yeah, I understand I’m a bit tough to follow, and I’m asking for a lot. The truth, which I have not been able to accurately convey in my last post, is that my NEX 7 is on loan to a fellow enthusiast, for him to try, and that I feel orphaned, totally out of my head, and out of place with the big chunk of fantastic plastic camera that the D600 is. Yeah, IQ is just great, FF dof handling is a real treat to me, the huge screen and viewfinder are a joy to work with, but I miss the dense, tight feeling of my little metal NEX buddy and the power it packs under its small hood. I miss the elegant simplicity of manual exposure with live preview, where you can just turn a wheel until the your subject is spot on how you want it, without the hits and misses of relying on a meter.
      Be sure I’ll tell all the truth and nothing but the truth about this photographic quest, I might even make one or two useful comments in the process πŸ˜‰

  2. Johan says:


    Wanna say it’s a great little blog you have here…
    Love horses and sony mirrorless too….
    Still thinking upgrading from my nex 6…

    I live in Indonesia by the way…

    Thank you for all the information and the photos… Awesome.
    Will continue to follow.


    • marla2008 says:

      Thank you Johan. If you love horses and mirrorless cameras, you’ve come to the right place ! European winter is not the best time to keep shooting the horses, but I’ll do my best. Thanks a lot for stopping by ! And not really sure you need to “upgrade” your N6 to anything yet, in my view it stills has the best E mount IQ available πŸ˜‰

  3. uk says:

    I just read your N7-comments over at SAR … I don’t want talk you into anything … but just share the following: I had a Sony a700 since 2007 (and also a Sigma 70-200 2.8 …) and I was desperately waiting for a successor. Then they issued the a77 with that mediocre noise performance and (IMHO) good-but-still-not-good enough EVF. So last year spring, I sold everything and bought a X-Pro1. Which was of course imperfect and so I’m happy about the X-T1, which I preordered.
    But the point is:
    Looking at Sony, messing up their camera line-up, I am so glad I left Sony.
    Take care,

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks a lot Ulf for your input !
      Unless a lot of folks, I’m still a bit wary of the Fuji X Trans output. It is, indeed, lovely and quite spectacular, but color rendition is not as accurate and true to life as the Sony files I’m accustomed to. It’s extremely *pleasing*, but it’s not entirely plausible. The reds and greens are very “enthusiastic”, not to mention a pretty strong yellow bias. It CAN look great, but I need to spend some time with an X Trans camera to see if I can massage that output into my usual color realm. I loved my X10, but the XE1 I tried let me pretty puzzled. So I am both excited, yet a little unsecure, to make the move.

      • uk says:

        You are welcome! My point is rather: “Don’t rely on Sony”, and less “Go-to-Fuji”.
        I think the colour thing is a question of personal taste, and, in the case of Fuji, a question of which film simulation you use. I personally use Astia, which is far from the exaggerated Velvia.
        In case you are interested, I can send you via email a link to a “private” album on my website (I don’t like “people pictures” publicly accessible on the internet), containing Sony partly a700 pictures (“vivid” until May 2013) and partly X-Pro1 pictures (Astia, from June on). Everything SOOC (except for some contrast adjustements), so good for comparing. Just give me a hint. BTW: Most of the other, public pictures on my website are taken with my “old” Konica-Minolta 7D.

  4. marla2008 says:

    I’d like that πŸ™‚ You can send me a link to nianys2001@gmail.com
    thanks !

  5. Mojo DeVirus says:

    Stumble onto your blog today. Just want to say I love it. Keep on the good work. Will be droppin more often now =)

  6. Flash says:

    Hi Claire,
    I discovered your blog, it’s just amazing …
    Thanks for sharing your experience and your passion.
    Don’t change anything, have fun !
    Bernard, somewhere in Belgium.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hey Bernard, it’s so cool to have you here ! Please feel free to visit again any time, or browse the archives, this blog thingy has been running for two years now so there is a looot of stuff to dig up πŸ˜‰

  7. namredlawt says:

    I enjoy your blog and photos. I have too been hoping for a NEX7 replacement but all I have done is added to the stable and put others in rotation. I have the A7r and A7s and I like the 3 bodies for all different reasons however I enjoy the Nex 7 the most. The A7r and A7s can do things that the NEX7 can’t but the TriNav system, weight, balance and one handed shooting make the NEX7 such a pleasure. I like that I can share lenses and I now use the NEX7 with a M mount 21mm lens that is like a ~30mm. I use it for daylight shooting, black and white and street. The A7r is for portraits and Macro whereas the A7s is silent, uses all my manual Ultrawides and has excellent low light capability. I guess I will never have just one Sony.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks for your input !! Wonderful to hear from an A7s owners, I still haven’t even seen one yet !!
      Since getting my horse I haven’t touched much of a camera, whenever I am at the stables even the cute NEX7 seems too big to carry around. I’m looking at a RX100 II as a pocket cam, because I’m starting to seriously miss photography !

  8. I really love your equestrian work – what lens are you using on the D750? I have the 24-120 F4 and I need to get something better! Great work – keep it up.

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