Professional photography

Since we hear so much bullshit about what it is, let me give you my definition :

A professional camera is… any camera skillfully shot by any competent professional.

THAT’s IT. Above a certain level of features, megapixels and performance, any camera can produce professional grade output in the right hands. And this level has been reached by any entry level digital camera many years ago !!

I’ve always wanted to have an alternate blog or website called, and prove that you can make compelling pictures with a 200$ set-up. I think I might go ahead and do just that with an obsoleted long ago Canon Rebel 350D and a cheapo plastic 50/1.8mkII.

So does an iPhone graduates to professional camera then ? Of course, not, it’s not even a camera, lol.

TeamRoping02I shot this, which I consider one of my best captures, with a lowly Canon 350D and the cheapest, shittiest old gen Sigma slow plastic zoom you can imagine. Light and content, that’s all that matter in photographs in the end.


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2 Responses to Professional photography

  1. Perfectly put! And, absolutely true. Which is why I keep upping the quality of my camera, in the hopes it will help me be a better photographer. You, on the other hand, could pull that off with your Iphone. I have no doubt šŸ™‚

  2. marla2008 says:

    You’re too kind, but I think you got that upside down, between us I’m actually the one depending the most on a decent camera to deliver anything worthy. Hey, remind me who lately made a stunning chiaraobscuro portrait with a light bulb and a bra ??

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